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True Aproach to Freeletics


I had some good and bad experience with Freeletics because of my lack of knowledge. First Gokhan and I try to workout with ourselves. We thought we can choose workouts. However, this is not work for us. Problem is we chose advance exercices like pullups 😦 though Gokhan was better than me about body building, he was pushed himself and little injured his knee.

In the second trying, this time I was alone, I did the same mistake again and I had to stop doing my workouts.

Now, I have started to do it with coach for 2 months. I have followed the coach’s program 4 times a week and lost 6kg weigh in first 3 weeks.

Listen to me guys, get the coach from the mobile program and follow it. Freeletics works but you have to do it right.

“You Can See Me Struggle But You Can’t See Me Fail”


26.02.2014 DIONE

Hi last night I did DIONE. It’s a good workout (500 point) and really hard to complete.

It takes 45 minutes but I have to break many times.

Today I’ll do Artemis (525 points) but there is a problem 50 Pullups in it 😉


Max Squat

Hi everyone,

I did Max Squat Last night 154 times in 3 minutes. Not bad for me but I ‘ll improve next time.

Today I’ll do DIONE wish me luck 🙂


If you want success, then don’t rely on other people to do what YOU can do!

From Freeletics Twitter 

New Start

Hi guys,

I started Freeletics again with a diet at 20 February. I ‘ll update here and I need you to encourage me 🙂

20.02.2014 – Venus             – 24:55

21.02.2014 – Burpee Max – 43

23.02.2014 – Aphrodite     – 38:29


A Short Break


After the little injury, now I have flu and I work for late at night at work.

Cause of all reasons, I can’t do exercices. I only did some pushups and situps for keep condition.

When I start again exercices lt you know …

Little Injury


Saturday morning, when I was doing pullups, I heart my left arm. Then I rest a little and tried again but result didn’t change.

I didn’t do any exercises at weekend. I have used Muscle relaxant (Voltaren gel)

Today I’m feel fine. I will plan to continue to night. I hope it will not happen again.

See you…