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Week 2 – Day 1

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, Althought I have legache (cause of VENUS), I did METIS again. I improve my time (07:41) not bad ?

Today I’m gonna continue with APHRODITE. If you read Gokhan ‘s last post, you realise that I will possibly die tonight 🙂

See you,


Day 4 – VENUS


I have just finished VENUS but as always I can’t do very well Pushups and Jackknives.

However I did all sets and finished the VENUS 18:15.

See you later

I’m Alive :)

Hi Gokhan I’m alive but this pullups killing me. I can’t do pullups correctly but again my arms dying.

Cause of that I can’t measure the time exactly.

Today I will continue with VENUS.

See you…

Day 2

Hi, today I improve my time very well 🙂 (Look status page)

But I made a little change METIS. What I did is below.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Burpees 10 25 10
Climbers 10 25 10
Situps 15 25 15

Started with METIS – Day 1

Yesterday we started with METIS exercise. It’s hard to raise my arms end of the burpees 🙂

And starting with METIS good for me if I start with APHRODITE, I definitely can’t finish it.

We update our scores to the Status page.

See you on wednesday.