About exercises

just finished hyperion in 26:16.

But i recognized that i dont like burpees 😦

Love everything except burpee:)




26.09.2013- hera

27.09.2013- rest


29.09.2013-rest, but i was attending to nike running. İ run about 7k 🙂

30.09.2013- Aphrodite in 26 min 48 sec.



Hi Burak,

As u know because of my sickness i cant do my workouts between 18-23.09.2013.

But i am back 🙂


Poseidon + sit-up max ( with plates ball, cause its more affective)


Metis + legrise max

cya bro

A Short Break


After the little injury, now I have flu and I work for late at night at work.

Cause of all reasons, I can’t do exercices. I only did some pushups and situps for keep condition.

When I start again exercices lt you know …

After 2 weeks i tried to save my weight, somedays i lost a bit but now i can manage not to lose or gain weight.

3-4 times i tried to run or walking min 3-4 km after trainings ofc.

Day by day i see the chances makes me feel better 🙂

Keep following us.



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Little Injury


Saturday morning, when I was doing pullups, I heart my left arm. Then I rest a little and tried again but result didn’t change.

I didn’t do any exercises at weekend. I have used Muscle relaxant (Voltaren gel)

Today I’m feel fine. I will plan to continue to night. I hope it will not happen again.

See you…

Today i did “POSEiDON” in 6 min 34 sec. At the end of the training i realise i’m not tired so i also did 50 sit-up, 30 jackknife and 20 legrise.

After 4 hours 🙂

jogging 4.8 km .

thnk that is enough for today:)

see you around bro.

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